The Best Hand Saw for Woodworking

This article is written with the aim of explaining how to get the best hand saw for woodworking, and what the various different options are. There's so many different hand saws on the market that choosing the best one is not a simple task, hopefully we can make it a little more understandable with this guide. First and foremost the best hand saw should be ergonomic. If you're using a tool all day, or most of the day obviously you want it to be designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The most crucial part of any hand saw when it comes to ergonomics is the handle, the handle should be comfortable to hold onto for hours at a time.

Other than ergonomics the second consideration aught to be that you choose a hand saw with sharp teeth made from high quality steel. The steel should be high carbon with induction hardened teeth so they stay sharp for a long time. The blade of the saw needs to have some flex in it but still be rigid enough to saw properly. There's a ton of options out there when it comes to filling these criteria it can be quite tricky, but hopefully after reading this guide to the best hand saw we can help narrow down your choices.

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The stanley 26 inch hand saw is a good starting point. Stanley is a reputable brand so when you buy a hand saw from stanley you know that the tool you're purchasing is high quality indeed. This hand saw from stanley is perfect for cutting through wood and other materials with ease. The teeth on this hand saw are induction hardened which helps to make quick cuts due to the sharp teeth, it also keeps the teeth sharper for longer. The stanley 26 inch hand saw has a highly ergonomic grip, which as mentioned before is crucially important if you use your tools a lot. This saw has a special 3 sided tooth design to make cuts through wood 2 times faster than regular saws. Overall this is a great all around option, and is easy on the budget.

Great Neck 26 Inch hand saw - this is another very nice hand saw that ticks all of the boxes. This hand saw has a well made wooden handle which not only looks nice but is highly ergonomic. The wooden handle is stained and resistant to outdoor weather conditions. The drawback of having a wooden handle si that the saw is slightly heavier than those hand saws that have a plastic handle. The blade is made from high carbon steel, with induction hardened teeth ensuring they stay sharp over time. This hand saw has 10 teeth per inch, which makes for quick and efficient cuts through wood.